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The Other Brother

Best friend’s brother

Breanna Webber and Lawson St. James have been enemies since Christmas Day fifteen years ago. Sure they spent one hot night together not too long ago, but that was a mistake. Or was it? Forced to work together over the holiday period, they must decide whether a repeat is in order. Is there more to their antagonistic relationship than either of them has dared to admit, like love?

*This 15,000-word novella was previously published on Amazon as It Started One Christmas*

Available on Amazon, Google, Apple, Kobo, B&N & Scribd

Let Me Be the One

Steamy friends-to-lovers romance

Lainey Campbell and Ben Armstrong have just been dumped. Together. After witnessing each other’s heartbreaking rejection, the two opposites strike up an unlikely friendship. Men and women can be just friends, right?

Sort of.

As Lainey turns to Ben for comfort, the line between friends and more starts to blur. Still, Lainey is determined not to repeat her previous mistakes. And falling for Ben? That would be disastrous. Sure, he’s hot as sin, makes her feel heard, and is always there to lend a hand no matter what she needs. But wishing for her happy ever after with a man who is in love with someone else would be as crazy as…Well, it would just be plain crazy.

Available on Amazon and in KU.

Trusting the Enemy Next Door

An emotional and steamy enemies-to-lovers romance

Four months ago my conversation with Adam Granger convinced me I needed to leave the country. Now my life is crumbling to pieces around me and I’ve been fired from my job. With nowhere else to go, I head home to Australia, hoping to hide away until the storm of public disapproval blows over. Instead of finding refuge, however, I discover Adam is my new neighbour. Worse still, the hot-shot radio personality wants to interview me.

But how can I trust the man who called me painfully unattractive beneath my glossy surface? Does he really intend to help the public understand my side of things, or will he shatter my trust and leave my career and heart in pieces?

Available on Amazon, Google, Apple, Kobo and B&N

Don’t Fall For Me

Steamy brother’s-best-friend romance

Claire Chase knows what she wants in her perfect man. She’s even written a checklist to keep her from wasting time on men who don’t share her life goals. It’s supposed to make searching for love easier. Instead, she’s had nothing but trouble finding ‘the one’.

Sick and tired of Claire’s obsession with the perfect man, her friends challenge her to take a break from her rules and have some fun. But when Claire decides to pursue her brother’s best friend, the man who is the complete opposite of everything on her list, they know she’s headed for trouble.

Dylan James has given Claire one rule to follow. Her friends know it might be the one rule she can’t help but break.

Available on Amazon, Apple, B&N, and Kobo

Winning Her Rival’s Heart

A steamy office romance with all the feels

Winning the promotion she’s up for at work is all Abby Gillis cares about. Well, it is until she’s forced to move in with her rival, Justin D’Marco. Suddenly she’s falling for Justin. Big time! And now Abby has two competitions on her hands – the one at work, and the one for Justin’s heart. If she wins one will she lose the other?

Available on Amazon and in KU

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