Don’t Fall For Me

Claire Chase knows what she wants in her perfect man. She’s even written a checklist to keep her from wasting time on men who don’t share her life goals. It’s supposed to make searching for love easier. Instead, she’s had nothing but trouble finding ‘the one’.

Sick and tired of Claire’s obsession with the perfect man, her friends challenge her to take a break from her rules and have some fun. But when Claire decides to pursue her brother’s best friend, the man who is the complete opposite of everything on her list, they know she’s headed for trouble.

Dylan James has given Claire one rule to follow. Her friends know it might be the one rule she can’t help but break.

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A steamy friends-to-lovers romance…

Kristy Hill has given up on love. When your best friend is a supermodel, it’s hard to keep a man’s attention. At least, that’s what history has taught Kristy. That’s okay, she doesn’t need a man to keep her busy. A slight workaholic on a mission to up her fitness level, she’s adopted a dog. Unfortunately, the dog seems to prefer her annoying and grumpy neighbour to her!

After the death of his fiancée, Logan James is looking for a distraction. Buying a house that’s falling apart and doing it up with his mates seems like the answer to all his problems. That is until he runs into the shrew living next door. Not only did she call him lazy, but she’s stubborn and refuses to seek help in looking after her dog.

Neither Kristy nor Logan are looking for love. Too bad they might just find it anyway.

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Trusting the Enemy Next Door

An emotional enemies-to-lovers romance…

Four months ago my conversation with Adam Granger convinced me I needed to leave the country. Now my life is crumbling to pieces around me and I’ve been fired from my job. With nowhere else to go, I head home to Australia, hoping to hide away until the storm of public disapproval blows over. Instead of finding refuge, however, I discover Adam is my new neighbour. Worse still, the hot-shot radio personality wants to interview me.

But how can I trust the man who called me painfully unattractive beneath my glossy surface? Does he really intend to help the public understand my side of things, or will he shatter my trust and leave my career and heart in pieces?

Jess and Adam’s standalone romance follows Kristy and Logan’s from I Love you, My Neighbour. You don’t need to read I Love You, My Neighbour to enjoy this angsty enemies-to-lovers romance.

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Everything You Need

An expert on the dynamics between men and women, Dominic Wylder knows his uptight new publicist could use his help getting a date. The only problem is, the more time he spends with her, the more he realises he doesn’t want her dating anyone but him!

Naomi and Dominic’s standalone romance follows Jess and Adam’s story and Kristy and Logan’s from I Love you, My Neighbour. You don’t need to read I Love You, My Neighbour to enjoy this steamy and fun forbidden romance romance.

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