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Diary of a romance writer

My first ever YouTube video!

This is what happens when shy and introverted authors try their hand at YouTube!

A diary entry on unrequited love

Many of my high school crushes were unrequited. I felt everything so deeply, and it cut me to the bone when my crushes weren’t interested in me. That never stopped me from putting myself out there and professing my feelings, often with awkward and over-enthusiastic gestures. Perhaps the objects of my affection were right ignore…

A diary entry on falling for the bad boy

You’ve likely heard it said before: good girls like bad boys. It’s a classic cliché for good reason. Take me, for example. Growing up, I was a good girl by most people’s definition, and when I was thirteen, I fell for a ‘bad boy.’ Cory Donovan reeled me in from the moment I met him.…

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