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Hot-shot radio personality Adam Granger is a huge part of the reason I left the country four months ago. When I’m fired from my job because of a scandal I caused, I’m horrified to return home and find Adam living next door to me. Worse than his close proximity is his desire to interview me.

Adam says the public need to hear my side of the story. Can I trust him? Or will he shatter my trust and leave my career and heart in pieces?

Working with the man who humiliated her ten years ago is the last thing Reese Cameron wants to do. Unfortunately, her boss is insisting Reese work with her old rival.

Now, Reese and Knox are going undercover, pretending to be married as they investigate a dangerous hypnotist at a marriage retreat.

If Reese thought her biggest worry was surviving the attraction she’s always had to Knox, she was very, very wrong.

Brooke Masters has a new job at the hottest nightclub in town. It’s supposed to be temporary, but when the sexy and driven club owner, Lincoln Rivers, confides in her and asks for her help, everything changes. His proposal? He’ll teach her how to dance if she’ll look over the books for him.

There’s just one problem. How is she supposed to remember it’s just business between them when his every touch sets her on fire?

Don’t Fall For Me

Sick and tired of Claire’s obsession with the perfect man, her friends challenge her to take a break from her rules and have some fun. But when Claire decides to pursue her brother’s best friend, the man who is the complete opposite of everything on her list, they know she’s headed for trouble.

Dylan James has given Claire one rule to follow. Her friends know it might be the one rule she ends up breaking.

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