He’s the Boss


Brooke Masters’ has a new job at the hottest nightclub in town. It’s supposed to be temporary, but when the sexy and driven club owner, Lincoln Rivers, confides in her and asks for her help, everything changes. His proposal? He’ll teach her how to dance if she’ll look over the books for him.

Forced to give up dancing years ago, and desperate to help, Brooke agrees to the deal. It should be a win-win situation, but now Brooke is struggling to ignore the desire she feels every time he touches her. But ignore it, she must. Because the only thing Linc cares about more than his club is his freedom. And he made it clear to her from the start that he has no use or desire for love.

© Elle Fielding 2016


Chapter 1: The Club

Chapter 2: The Interview

Chapter 3: The First Shift

Chapter 4: Too Hot & Off Limits

Chapter 5: The Dance Class (He’s Touching Me)

Chapter 6: The New Staff

Chapter 7: Claudia Henley

Chapter 8: The Deal (I Help You, You Help Me)

Chapter 9: We’ll Start Slow (One-on-One)

Chapter 10: N.C.V (Night Club Virgin)

Chapter 11: Corrupting Brooke

Chapter 12: Tonight Is Just A Tease

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