Don’t Fall For Me: Chapter 30

Novel Cover - Elle Fielding's Don't Fall For Me


I pick up my phone and bring Claire’s number up in my contacts list before letting out an annoyed sigh and throwing the phone on the bed. It’s been a week since I left Australia. One week without her and I miss her more than I thought possible. I never realised until now that it’s possible to be surrounded by people and still be lonely. I’ve been working since Thursday, and that is something of a distraction, but everything reminds me of Claire. It should be impossible considering I’m in a different country, but I find myself thinking of Claire constantly.

I haven’t called her yet. We’ve messaged a few times on Facebook and she’s liked some of the photos I’ve posted. That is the sum extent of our contact.

Is she thinking about me? Is she missing me the way I miss her? I could call her and find out, but I don’t know where we stand. We made no promises of anything after I left the country. I don’t even know if we’re friends. The only thing I know for sure is that we’re supposed to be over. Hell, for all I know she’s already started seeing a new guy – already picked her list back up now that her timeout is officially over.

Pain radiates through my chest at the thought. Do I want to know if that’s the case? I could call Austin and ask, but I don’t know how I’ll deal with the answer.

A gentle knock on the door of my cabin has me sitting up, but the door opens before I can cross the floor.

“Hi, D.J.”

Lana walks into my cabin, her long blonde hair in a ponytail that reaches her arse and her large breasts pressing against the red and white camp T-shirt.

“Lana, what’s up?”

“A few of us are going out tonight to the pub in town. I thought you might want to come with us and get to know everyone a little better. You know, since you’re the newest person to join the team. Everyone wants to know your story.”

It’s obvious one of those people is her. She’s made it abundantly clear she wants to get to know me better. She’s gorgeous, the complete package. In fact, in another life I might have called her a possible soul mate. She likes adrenaline as much as I do. She seems easy and free, and when we’ve talked, she’s told me about how she’s planning to travel after the camp has finished. I could probably travel with her if I wanted to. While she’s beautiful and seems like a really nice person, I have no interest in getting to know her on a personal level. Or sleeping with her.  

That said, I’m not sure I want to be stuck in this cabin for the rest of the night, thinking about Claire and wondering if she’s dating anyone. It’s Saturday night and I’m used to being surrounded by friends. I’ll never make new friends if I don’t get out there and make an effort.

“Okay, I’ll come.”

“Great.” The smile Lana gives me is on the seductive side and I feel apprehension fizz through me. “Meet me at the gate in half an hour and we’ll go from there.”

“Everyone is going, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“No reason. I’ll see you soon.”

As Lana walks out the door, I sit back on the bed and scrub a hand over my face. I’m not interested in anything beyond friendship with Lana, but even if I was, I wouldn’t be cheating on Claire.

Things are over with Austin’s sister. Done. We’re living in separate countries and leading different lives. She’s getting on with dating and man-hunting and I’m off seeing the world. No matter how much I miss her, we have no future together.

So why is she all I think about? All I want?

Why do I miss her so damn much?

And why am I so worried about Lana trying something when I have no-one to stay faithful to?

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