Don’t Fall For Me: Chapter 22

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“Is this illegal?”

I look at the chain fence blocking our entrance to-

I’m not sure exactly where Dylan is taking me tonight, and he seems intent on maintaining an air of mystery around our destination. 

“Define illegal.”

“You know, likely to go to jail for breaking and entering. Pretty self-explanatory, really.”


Dylan doesn’t answer my question, but I’m already certain that what we’re about to do is not something a law-abiding citizen would do.

“Maybe. Maybe not,” Dylan shrugs.

“How do you know we won’t get caught?”

He grins. “I don’t.”


“Claire, I promised you fun-”

“Yes, but that’s-”

“Sex, too. I know. But you’re taking this timeout and I want you to let loose. You’re the one who told me you’re not having enough fun. It’s time to take a chance and do things you wouldn’t normally do. Push the boundaries a little.”

“I’m already doing that with you.”

His grin widens. “Trust me. This will be worth it.”

I pull my jacket around me in an effort to keep the cold out. Even if the first few days of spring have passed, the nights are still icy. It doesn’t help that I’m dressed in a bathing suit underneath the jeans and cashmere jumper I wore tonight. The last thing I want to do is tackle the large fence for a cold lake or river that might lie beyond it. However, as I take in Dylan’s anticipation, I know I’ll disappoint him if I don’t go through with it.

“Fine, I’ll do it, but…I really hope we don’t get caught.”

He gives me a quick kiss on the head. “I’ll go first. Once I’m over, throw me the bag, okay?”

I look at the black picnic bag on the ground next to my feet before looking back up at Dylan. “Okay.”

Dylan scales the fence with ease. In fact, he’s over it in less than five seconds.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

“Once or twice.” He motions to the bag, asking me to throw it over to him.

I look down at the bag again, needing to hide my face and my displeasure at the thought I’m probably not the first person – first woman – he’s brought to this place.

Grabbing the ridiculously heavy bag, I put all my weight behind it, move back a bit and launch it over the fence with all my might.

He easily catches it and motions for me to go over the fence.

Sighing and trying not to look as nervous as I am, I scale the fence, nearly slipping a couple of times and feeling extra graceless. I breathe out in relief as I get to the top, turn around and start my descent.

“How was that?” Dylan asks me as soon as I’m over, my feet back on solid ground.


“And how do you feel now?”

I think about it for a moment, feel the adrenaline coursing through my system.


He shakes his head, moving closer and sliding a hand around my nape. “That’s excitement. Get used to it.”

My lips part slightly as my stomach flips, and then his lips are on mine. His kiss is sweet and tender yet demanding. I cling to him as he turns my whole reason for existing into our kiss. Then he pulls away, leaving me breathless and needy.

Why did I let him talk me into coming tonight? I’ve been working so hard at keeping everything in perspective. I haven’t blurred the boundaries. Every time I’ve started thinking about the future, I’ve reminded myself we’re just having sex. But this tonight? His kiss? It’s the most bittersweet reminder that if he wasn’t leaving, I could very easily let myself fantasise about more.

He isn’t supposed to be someone I could love, but he’s always been so much more than just a man. To him, I’m just the woman he’s screwing, and Austin’s little sister. But he’s always been my tormentor – the man who rejected me. The guy I pretended to dislike while all the while hating the fact that he never returned my feelings. I’m not safe from falling in love with him simply because he’s everything I thought I didn’t want. The only thing that’s kept me safe is my diligence in keeping our encounters strictly sexual.

Until tonight.

“Come on.” He puts his arm around my shoulders. “It’s a short walk and I promise it’s worth it.”

It doesn’t take long to get to our destination – a hot spring in the back of one giant property. The steam rises off the water, inviting us in.

Dylan sets the bag down on the ground before kneeling and pulling out a picnic blanket.

Once it’s spread out on the ground, he looks up at me. “Do you want to eat first or swim first?”

I’m freezing and the water looks like it will warm me quickly. Despite my curiosity to see what Dylan has in his bag to eat on this illegal night-time picnic, I need to warm up.

“Swim, I think.”

He stands up, pulling his jumper and shirt over his head, causing my mouth to dry out as I take in his sculpted chest. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen him like this – how many times we’ve had sex – the sight of him always turns me on and makes me crave him.

“Keep looking at me like that and we won’t make it to the water,” he says.

With any other man before Dylan, I would have been embarrassed to be caught gawking. Because every action I’d taken before him had been designed to win over the man I was seeing and make him see me as a potential lifetime mate.

A goal at which I’d failed miserably.

My relationship with Dylan is probably more successful than any I’ve attempted before. Despite the boundaries I’ve put down with Dylan, and despite the fact I know things can never progress with him – or perhaps because of it, I’ve done things differently and I can see there are some benefits in loosening up a little. I don’t have to treat every date and every conversation like a game I have to win.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my friends said at Brody’s months ago, about me scaring off men. At the time, I’d considered it a possibility. Now, I know it to be a fact. Eight failed relationships? I am the common denominator.

Dylan might be trying to have an impact on me, but he already has. 

I pull off my jumper and pants, exposing my white bikini. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

His look of pure lust is worth every cent I spent on the bathing suit.

Feeling more than a little naughty and saucy, I wink at him before walking towards the spring, feeling his eyes on me with every step I take. When I turn around, I expect to see him over by the picnic blanket, but instead he’s right behind me, taking hold of my hips and bringing me closer to him. I stare up at him – his eyes dark with lust. My heart races in anticipation of the night ahead and I lick my lips, drawing his attention to my mouth before smiling, turning around, and entering the spring.

My body sighs with pleasure as I’m submerged in the deep heat of the water. The steam, the darkness, and the quiet makes it seem like another world. I look up at the sky, the stars above us twinkling like a diamond-studded blanket.

“So, you come here often?” I ask, moving my arms through the water.

He grins at my line and shakes his head. “Haven’t been here for a while, but I knew this was where I wanted to bring you tonight. It’s beautiful here.”

“It is.”

He sits down in the water, taking my hand and tugging me into his lap. The feel of him underneath me, hard and proud, has me turning around to straddle him. His eyes lock with mine for a moment before I lower my mouth and press my lips to his. He kisses me back, his hands tightening around my waist as he drags me over his lap, making me gasp as I feel his need for me. His hands stroke over my body, leaving goosebumps in their wake. His lips, his tongue, and his fingers bring pleasure to every part of me they touch.


He buries his face in the crook of my neck. “God, I’m trying to be good here, Claire.”

I rock against him. “Why?”

“Despite what you think, I didn’t bring you here just for this.”

“It wouldn’t bother me if you had.”

In fact, I’d prefer it. It would be easier to keep my heart safe.

“I just wanted to teach you how good it can feel to colour outside the lines occasionally.”

I slide even closer to him and press an open-mouthed kiss to his neck. “Trust me, you’ve already shown me that.”

The way he trembles is completely gratifying.

“We should get out. I brought food. It’s going to go cold.”

“I don’t care.” I kiss him again, feeling him grow harder against me. I move against him, needing the friction of the hard ridge of his erection against me.

“Claire, you’re killing me.”

“We can eat later. Let’s just enjoy what we’re doing now.”

I feel his hesitation, but I know the moment he gives in. One hand travels up, cupping my breast. My head falls back and I let out a short, sharp noise of approval.

There’s no more talking. He kisses me, touches me, all the while I’m stroking my hands over a body that has brought me nothing but pleasure over the past month and a half, until I’m so slick with need I think I might die if he doesn’t touch me down there. When he finally slides his hand into my bikini bottoms and touches me, I can’t contain my excitement. I move backwards and forwards, desperate for more, even though I know it will never be enough. The ache inside me won’t be abated with anything but him inside me.

“Dylan. Please.”

“Tell me what you want,” he demands, kissing my neck.

“What do you think I want? You. I want you.”

I’ve always wanted you.

The words are like a whip of barbed wire across my heart. I push the thought away, try to untangle my tender heart – desperate to forget those words ever popped into my head.

I moan and rock as his fingers circle the hardened nub between my legs before he frees himself from his boxers and pushes my underwear to the side. When I feel him underneath me, the large head of his engorged cock pressing against the heart of me, I’m more than ready to drive myself down onto him.

He whispers my name as I take him inside, kissing him as his hands travel all over my body. Then they are at my hips, helping me ride him with a speed that feels more frenzied than anything I’ve experienced before. It doesn’t feel fast enough, and yet I’m hurtling towards my climax quicker than I wanted to. I want to slow down, enjoy it, but I might break apart if I do.

He explodes inside me, pulsing and thick, triggering orgasm after orgasm, and I let myself lean on him, needing to feel his solid presence around me.

When I finally pull back and look at him, his gaze is full of intensity – echoing the confusing and overwhelming feelings circling inside my head.

“That was fun.”

My voice doesn’t sound as carefree and light as it should, and Dylan continues watching me. The silence between us feels heavy and full, my heart not just beating fast, but beating hard – a slight ache breaking out behind my breast plate. Thank God he can’t see inside me – see what our being together is doing to me. I can’t fall for him. He won’t be there to catch me if I do.

Eventually, he gives me a lopsided grin. “I told you I’d show you fun. You ready to eat?”

“Yes. And while we do you can tell me more about New Zealand.”

He looks surprised for a moment but then he nods. Good. Talk of New Zealand is exactly what I need. If hearing how excited he is to leave the country will keep me from floating away into fantasy land, then the pain of listening to him talk about going will be worth it.

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  1. This was so sweet! The beginning made me laugh a bunch. I really hope to see this as a published book one day, because I’d buy it without a doubt!

    1. Thank you, Cali. I have plans to publish DFFM in 2021. My loyal readers are being treated to the preview 😀 I’m so pleased you’re still reading <3

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