Don’t Fall For Me: Chapter 19

Novel Cover - Elle Fielding's Don't Fall For Me


Claire makes her way across the bar floor to where I’m standing. Hearing Claire and Mike talk about Austin was like taking a cold shower, but the look in her eyes as she stands before me quickly heats my blood back up to boiling point. The woman in front of me has no compunction about letting me know exactly what she wants.


She wraps her arms around my neck, bringing my mouth down to hers so she can kiss me. There is nothing frantic about her kiss or her touch, unlike Saturday and Sunday night. Tonight, her gestures are measured. She watches me as she pulls back, her gaze locked with mine as she undoes the buttons on my shirt. Her hands are a lot steadier than they were on Saturday night, but I feel anything but steady. Being with Claire gives me an adrenaline rush that leaves me breathless and craving more.

She presses her lips to my shoulder before darting her tongue out and swiping it across the skin there, causing goosebumps to flare up all over my body and heat to explode in my lower belly. The way she’s making love to my chest with her mouth is almost surreal. I can hardly believe this is the Claire I grew up wanting. She’s so in control, and yet so out of control. Her desire for me burns brightly in her eyes every time she looks at me, scorching me alive.

How did I deny this need for her for so long? This is what I’ve wanted every day of my life since I met her, and now my need for her is burning through me like a bush fire on a dry and windy day. Every muscle seems to quiver and respond to her touch. I suck in a breath as she starts undoing my belt. When she pushes my pants off my hips so they drop to the floor along with my underwear, I can’t breathe at all. Usually, sex is simply a bit of fun, but this doesn’t feel like just fun. This doesn’t feel light-hearted and carefree. This feels serious.

I want to crack a joke, lighten the mood – anything to bring things back to a place I’m comfortable with. But before I get the chance, Claire is dropping to the floor on her knees and taking me in her mouth.

I lean back against the bar, gripping the wood tightly as she uses her hands and mouth to access every inch of me. I’m aware that the entire front of the pub is glass windows. Anyone who walks past will be able to see me and yet I don’t give a shit. My hands tangle in her hair as she moves her mouth up and down the length of me, loving me in a way I’ve never experienced before. Plenty of women have taken me in their mouths, but none of them made it seem like their mission in life was pleasing me. Every lick of her tongue and every caress of her hand succeeds all my previous experiences.


My voice is pulled from me – raw and strangled as if I haven’t used it for a long time. She’s pushing me closer and closer to the edge, and this definitely wasn’t what I had in mind when I imagined us being together tonight. I thought it would be fun and hot – that I’d be the one delivering all the fireworks. Right now, however, the only one about to go off is me. Claire pulls back to pay more attention to the tip of me.

“If you keep going, I’m going to come in your mouth.”

“Good.” She looks up at me. “I want to know what you taste like.”

Impossibly, her words makes me harder. She goes to take me in her mouth once more, but I grab hold of her and pull her to her feet before she can.

“My turn.”

I pull her top up and over her head, taking my time admiring the hot black lacy bra she’s wearing. Perfection. Her breasts are small, but just right for her. I cup them, stroking the hard nipples beneath the fabric, loving the way every stroke makes something hot and vibrant flash through her eyes.

I undo her skirt, and after sliding her skirt and underwear down her legs, I drop to the floor, hook a hand behind her right knee and guide it over my shoulder so she’s open to me. A perfect offering.

“I cannot wait to taste you.”

She moans and quivers when I place a kiss first on her thigh before nibbling and tonguing my way up to the wet heat between her legs that I’m dying to taste.

She shakes and trembles, her hands fisting in my hair as soon as I stroke her with my tongue, finding the rhythm I know she likes the best and then varying it to find a pace she might like even better.

“Oh God. So good.”

I have to agree with her. My cock is pulsing with the amount of blood racing to it. God, I want to be inside her. Her taste and her essence drives me out of my mind with need. I hold her there as her legs shake, holding her hips and body steady as she tries to grind herself against me, taking what she needs as I try to give her a memory to savour once I’m gone.

I quickly push the idea of leaving her out of my mind and refocus on us in this moment.

Her hands tighten in my hair as I sweep her off her feet, her back leveraged against the bar and both her legs over my shoulder as I hungrily chase after her climax. I penetrate her with my tongue before returning my attention to the sensitive bundle of nerves between her legs, licking and sucking it gently.

The moment her cry of satisfaction and release washes over me, I position myself at her entrance. Earlier, I imagined bending her over the bar and taking her from behind, but I need to get inside her. This second.


“Fuck. You taste so good, baby.”

I kiss her, letting her taste just how sweet she is. She’s tentative for a moment before she starts kissing me back. She moans into my mouth as the head of my cock slides inside her. I know she’s on birth control from our conversation on Sunday. I also know she’s as clean as I am. Now there is no barrier between us – nothing to take away from the feel of her body clamping down around mine as I push deeper. She is so tight. So good.

Her legs wrap around me, trying to draw me closer. All I want is to take her hard and fast, but I do my best to control the motion and give her time to accommodate me. I’m harder than I’ve ever been in my life and I don’t want to hurt her.

The moment I’m seated inside her fully, she wrenches her mouth from mine, breathing hard as she stares at me, her body still pulsating around mine. The intensity in her gaze both scares and excites me. I circle my hips while still deep inside her, loving the way she tightens around me with every move.

“Oh my God.”

Her head goes back and I focus on her breasts, taking her bra off with a simple flick of my wrist behind her back, tasting first one breast then the other. She is so slick around me, and when I gently tug on her nipple, her whole body tenses up before I feel the gush of her orgasm and the squeeze of her muscles around my cock. I am so close to finding my own release and there is nothing I want more than to let go and empty myself inside her – but even if she is on birth control, I’ve never come inside a woman without a condom. It’s not that I don’t like children. It’s just that they are not part of my plan for the immediate future.

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