Don’t Fall For Me: Chapter 17

Novel Cover - Elle Fielding's Don't Fall For Me


I’m not sure what to make of the fact Claire turned up tonight when I told her I wasn’t available. If it had been another woman who’d shown up after I cancelled our date, I’d be a little nervous she was taking whatever we were doing too seriously. But Claire knows the deal. I’m leaving in October and all she wants is a good time while she takes a timeout from her list. She assured me of that.

Does that mean doubt isn’t niggling away in the back of my mind? No.

Claire Chase will always be looking for a husband – a man to give her what she needs. As far as I know, she’s never going to mistake me for that someone, but sex has a way of doing funny things to women’s brains.

So maybe I should be more nervous about the fact Claire showed up here to ‘help’, but I do believe she’s as addicted to the chemistry between us as I am. I’m so turned on by her obvious desire for me that all I can think about is how soon I can get her naked and underneath me. Nine years of pent-up lust and desire has given me a one-track mind.

Well, more so than usual.

I’d actually resented coming in to work this evening, and I can’t remember the last time that happened. Maybe never. It’s probably only natural I want to be with Claire every night that I can until I leave. In October I’m gone, and I won’t stay because of Claire, no matter how good it feels to be with her.

No matter how much I’ve always cared about her and how much she’s always meant to me. I’ll never be happy living the life she’s drawn to, meaning in the end we’ll wreck each other with our shattered dreams and hopes for the future.

This is just sex and fun, pure and simple. It has to be.

The look of shock on her face as she walked into the bar and saw me talking to one of my regulars – Jane – flashes before my eyes.

Okay, so maybe this thing between us isn’t quite as pure and simple as it should be. Is there any chance Claire and I can walk away from what we’re doing without ruining everything between the two of us, and between her family and me?

Is there any chance Austin won’t try to beat the living shit out of me when he finds out what’s going on?

“She begged me to do it,” is never going to cut it. Nor is, “If it wasn’t me, it would have been some other dude.”

Austin is going to have a conniption.

“Like this?” Claire looks up from the cocktail she’s making to check she’s mixing the ingredients correctly.

I can’t help but smile at her eagerness. “Yeah, just like that.” 

At least Claire is having a good time. I can’t remember the last time I saw her smile so much. Focusing on that instead of how Austin might kick my arse seems like a better way to spend the evening.

I’m surprised by just how easy it is to spend time with her. Now that we’re sleeping together, our bickering and teasing feels more like flirting and foreplay.

“I didn’t want to wait for another round between the sheets with you.”

My cock is still hard from hearing those words.

As if she also can’t wait to get the sexy part of our evening under way, she glances at the clock.

“Close shouldn’t be too late tonight, being a Thursday and all. We should be out of here by one o’clock.”

She frowns, her eyes still locked on the clock. “One o’clock?”

I follow her gaze. It’s close to eleven o’clock now, and she’s probably tired after working all day. I didn’t ask her to come here and help, but guilt sneaks in at the idea she’s here waiting for me to finish up so we can go ahead with the evening we initially planned together.

“Why don’t you head home? I’ll message you when I’m done, and you can tell me if you want me to come over or not.”

Claire shakes her head. “No, I’ll stay until close. Though I did bring my car, so maybe you could follow me home after we’re done here?”

“Maybe,” I say, winking before moving on to serve a new customer who just came up to the bar.

Or maybe I’ll just take her here and send her home afterward. God only knows how many times I’ve imagined her at my mercy in this bar since she turned up on Saturday night set to seduce me. 

“Maybe?” Claire questions as she gets a beer from the fridge for a customer. “You mean, you’re not a sure thing?”

Her tone is teasing, but I can sense her uncertainty underneath.

“I told you I have nine years of fantasies to make a dent in. One of them involves you, me, and this bar right here.” I pat the wood with my hand and watch her eyes widen and hear her breath stutter.


“What do you say? Want to make another one of my fantasies come true tonight?”

“I think I could definitely be persuaded.” Yup, I’m going to be as hard as a hammer for the rest of the night.

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