Don’t Fall For Me: Chapter 15

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All I wanted was to do the right thing by Claire, I think as I kiss Diana goodbye and thank her for dinner. Claire finished her tea in a hurry and left about thirty minutes ago without so much as throwing a glance or a goodbye my way. Diana apologised profusely on behalf of her daughter, obviously confused and disconcerted by Claire’s behaviour.

I’m less confused and disconcerted than Diana. Dammit, I knew Claire would be hurt by my choice to end our sexual relationship: I saw the pain flicker in her eyes when I told her I wanted to talk. I tried to do the right thing, but she didn’t appreciate it at all. As she so crudely put it: she only wants one thing from me. Clearly, Claire Chase is far more capable of having fun than the people around her think. The guilt I felt about sleeping with Austin’s little sister and leaving the country is all but gone now.

If Claire thinks she’s gotten the last word, she’s in for a surprise. She should be home by now, and I have every intention of paying her a visit. As soon as Diana closes the door behind me, I jam my helmet over my head. Mounting my bike, I start the engine and roar away, relishing the cold wind that rushes past me and the powerful machine between my thighs.

If all Claire wants from me is sex, well, I can give her that. When she originally told me as much, I didn’t believe her. After what she said to me tonight, though, I do. And I want to indulge in a sexual relationship with her. For the past twenty-four hours, I’ve been starving for another taste of her. Now I can pursue her without the guilt. If she wants nothing but sex, I’ll be the man to give it to her. 

It hardly takes me any time to get to Claire’s. I don’t slow down as I enter her street because I want her to know I’m here – that I’m coming for her. I turn off the engine and dismount, take off my helmet and stride towards the door with only one thing on my mind – getting Claire naked.

A/N: This was more a part than a chapter, and I did dabble with the idea of making these parts instead of chapters, but decided just to go with chapters in the end 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying the story so far.

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