Rockstar Bay Academy


When her mother marries into the Cassidy family, Lilah Kelly’s world is rocked – quite literally. Not only is the Cassidy family considered royalty in Rockstar Bay, but Lilah has a complicated relationship with her new stepbrothers, Ethan and Asher Cassidy. Ethan chose his band over Lilah and broke her heart months ago, and Asher made it clear he believes Lilah is a user and he hates her. An emotion Lilah returns ten-fold.

Despite the hiccups in her personal life, Lilah is happy for her mother, likes her new stepfather, and is determined to spend her final year at Rockstar Bay Academy focusing on her goal to perform in the end of year showcase. When Lilah finds herself paired with the Cassidy brother she’s supposed to hate, however, she’s pulled into a love triangle that has the potential to destroy a friendship, her family and everything she’s worked so hard for.

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