Lightning Bay (Love’s Battlefield)

Season 1 – A Friend Like You


With friends like Cameron Anderson, who needs enemies?

After two years of running, I’ve come home to Lightning Bay. It’s time to face the music and own up to the pain I caused my friends and family. But coming face to face with my best friend – the guy I’m still hopelessly in love with – is even harder than I thought it would be. Not only does Cam still hate me, but he’s made sure everyone knows I’m public enemy number one. No longer my savior, he’s someone who will break me the first chance he gets. Now I have to choose whether I’ll turn tail and run again or stay and stand my ground.

If I leave, then the lessons I’ve learned from my mistakes mean nothing. Cam has changed, and I need to prove that I can change too. I was weak before, dependent on others. Now there’s no one coming to my rescue but me. This time around, I’m working on being stronger, better, and more resilient. And if that means treating Cam as my enemy and this town as our battleground, then so be it.

Copyright © 2021 Elle Fielding


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