Elle Fielding

Romance writer and publisher

Growing up, I was boy-crazy and romance-obsessed. During high school, I fell in love with a bad boy, my best friend’s brother, a jock, a class clown, a teacher, a girl, many of my guy friends, and the ex of one of my best friends. Is it any wonder I love a good trope?

I filled journals with poems of desire and heartbreak. And after years of reading books where the happy ending was guaranteed, I started to write my own romance novels.

Now I’m living out my Happy Ever After with my husband and children on Australia’s Mornington Peninsula, and I’m still writing romance novels.

As my relationship has matured over the years, so has my definition of a good romance novel. I now believe the heroine’s relationship to herself is as important as the relationship she has with her love interest.

Set in Australia, my books provide an exotic
escape for those who don’t call Australia home. For those Aussies that do stumble across my books, I hope they find the familiarity comforting.

My romance diary shares some of my romantic woes tales, as well as the ups and downs of being a modern day romantic, so please peek inside.

Email me, comment, share your own stories. I love connecting with people! 🙂