My first ever YouTube video!

Hi everyone,

Wow, I didn’t expect to have to go to YouTube to upload this video, but I recorded something for you guys and I couldn’t publish the video directly on WordPress. So, I ended up creating a YouTube channel (yes, that was kind of crazy and impulsive in hindsight) just so I could make it playable on my website. As you’ll see if you watch the video, I’m not much of a vlogger. In fact, I’ve never vlogged before in my life. I don’t even know if technically I did vlog.

Anyway, moving on.

I’ve had such a show of support from all my readers and I wanted to actually say hi and thank you in person.

If you can get over the awkwardness of this video, please watch and know that I am so grateful to you for clicking on this blog in the first place.

All my love,



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